Editing to Music

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By Jennifer Gibbens, Editor at Silver Rock Productions


As an editor in a corporate production company, knowing how to cut your video’s together with a piece of music is an essential skill. Lucky for me I was raised in a household that lived and breathed music.


My mom is a piano teacher and has a Bachelors in Music Education. So from the time I was very little I was taught how to play the piano, read music, and sing. (I really wish I had appreciated that learning opportunity more.) I was also involved in choir from Pre K all the way to High School. All that to say I have a bit of a musical background (thanks Mom and Dad).


Having a background in music has made editing to music a very simple thing. When I place a piece of music on my timeline in Adobe Premiere, it shows me the complete waveform of that song. Then using the Mark Tool, I listen to the song and place a mark on each downbeat. After that I creatively cut my footage to the music, using the downbeat as my starting point.


I have created a short video, to show you exactly what I am talking about. I hope you enjoy a look into my editing process!


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3 Secrets to Efficient Work Days

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By Jennifer Gibbens, Editor at Silver Rock Productions


Have you ever wondered why it is so fun to work with Silver Rock Productions? Why we are always happy and ready to take on the next project?  Well look no further! I am going to give you three of the secrets to Silver Rock Productions success.


The first thing that makes Silver Rock unique is we take time for a Mid-Day Mile. A Mid-Day Mile is an easy walk outside our building and around the nearby strip center for a mile. We do this on a regular bases, and we have even had clients join in. If you would like more information on what a Mid-Day Mile is and why it’s beneficial to you, check out our blog entry on them.


Another cool thing we use at Silver Rock is a website called Noisli. Noisli is exactly what it sounds like… noise. You can choose from all sorts of background noises like rain, wind, forest, and our personal favorite coffee shop. Studies like this one show that quiet ambient noise actually boosts creativity. The website is completely free and if you make an account with them, will save your favorite sounds (it also has an awesome Chrome extension).


The last secret I’m going to let you in on is…. we bake cookies on the regular! Everytime we go grocery shopping we get a couple of the ready to bake cookie packs. Then, when we are in the good old after lunch funk, we bake a sheet of cookies, or as many as we can provided Mike doesn’t eat the dough.. Everyone then perks up and goes back to doing productive work (and enjoying it) ….Right after the Mid-Day mile of course.


What secrets do you use to stay productive and efficient during the work day? Comment below with your answers!

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How Technology is Changing the Film Scene

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SRP_1366 (1)

By Clara Mannel, Intern at Silver Rock Productions


I shot my first video in fifth grade. Excited, I explained to my dad how me and my brother were going to make a video about big-foot. I watched how his face was getting more horrified as I continued to ramble about this video. When I finally stopped, my dad let out a long sigh, “Clara” he said “we don’t have the money to buy a two-thousand dollar video camera right now.” He expected me to start crying or running away, but I held up my iPod instead, “Dad, we’re using my iPod.” I stated. There was not enough time for me and my brother to catch the confused glimpse on his face, because we were already outside, in our back yard, filming. It was then, that I first realized what an impact technology was having. With this small iPod Touch and it’s video camera app, I could conquer the world, I could become the film creator, the film director, and the film producer, that I wanted to be. Everyday I watch as more and more of my friends show me new apps, and new inventions they have discovered. This technology lets us shoot videos as we like. Thanks to this technology we’ll have a chance to be a director or discover that we want to be one. Before and after my iPod Touch was created, many new generations of iPhone’s have been manufactured that most of my friends and superiors, yield in the back pocket of their jeans.

The iPhone has helped and hurt the new generation. Though, it’s common to see kids glued to their phones all day, it is also common for kids to be taking videos on their iPhone’s instead of going out and buying a hundred dollar or a thousand dollar camera. For teenagers wanting to create a video themselves, the iPhone has made it easy, with a built in camera, and even editing apps that one can easily install. There have even been documentaries recorded on  iPhone’s. Because of this technology I have been able to explore more of the industry. I might even say that thanks to the easy accessibility of this tool it’s lead me to realize what I really want to do. Though the iPhone itself is a powerful utility, before one starts filming with it, they need to have a script to refer to.

Script writing is something that people take years of classes to learn. New aspiring scriptwriters can take a whole week to create one page of a story. For me, and other young kids interested in script writing and creating videos, we don’t have the money or luxury of taking the professional script writing classes. Script writing apps like Adobe Story make it easy. All I have to do is focus on typing and it will put my typing into script format. In fact, for me the app is not just a tool, but also a class in itself. Thanks to Adobe Story I’ve learned how to format a script, by just watching the corrections the software makes to my typing. In fact, the Adobe Cloud and Adobe Story in general is being used in school to teach the new generation of film-makers.

But where are we going to share the projects we’ve made in school? Because of YouTube many more children have become interested in video production. And yet, it’s also helping the kids already interested in film production. In the “old days” there was no place where young video creators could share their works, they would have to burn it on a disc or drag their mom to watch their video. Now with YouTube, it’s a possibility for them to show their video to millions and from there, make a name for themselves.

Though there is this fresh technology out there, to be a quality film-maker, requires much more than just tools and tech. One must explore the basis of film-making before they go off on a technology spree. Which is why Silver Rock’s ability to invite interns into their studio, is so extraordinary. It’s Silver Rock’s ability to partner and make connections with the community around them that someone with a solitary YouTube channel cannot do. The new technology is giving more opportunities to the youth, but while technology bends and cracks, Silver Rock stands like a stone with beautiful video in a network of people and places.

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The Fresh Way to Collaborate

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By Brian Falcon, Owner and Editor at Silver Rock Productions


It’s always been a real trick to get the vision of your video from inside your head and have someone else put it on the screen, especially through email. When you are not in the edit suite with the editor it’s pretty hard to point at a clip and say, “Let’s cut it there.”  That’s why we have a new tool at Silver Rock that will let a client see the video from their own computer and make notes directly on the video which then show up on the timeline in our edit suite, as if they were sitting right there.  It works best with the Chrome browser on a Mac or PC, and even works just as well from an iPad or smartphone.


Listed below are some of the great features of this tool.

  1. To get started, we will send you an invite to join the project. Once you enter your name and make your own password  you will have private and secure access to the video sequences that we share with you.


  2. By double clicking on a video it will open in a larger player with some very intuitive controls.  While playing the video you can click anywhere on the video or hit the space bar to stop and make a comment for the editor or just start typing in the text box below the video player.

FrameIO_03 FrameIO_04

You can even make annotations directly on the video with the various brushes, lines, arrows and boxes in your choice of colors.


  3. Once you have made your comment just hit enter it will show up in a list next to the video.FrameIO_05

At the same time, an email is sent to the editor with your notes and information. We can then open your project and your comments will be synced with the timeline.  As you make new comments, they will show up like a to-do list in the project each time you hit enter.





  4. The editor can mark each comment “complete” and/or leave notes as each item is addressed.


  5. All collaborators have the capability to make folders and upload images, audio files, or any other type of file for the project. This is great for logos, photos, scripts and music. These assets can be downloaded directly into the project. Having these files here is much better that searching through emails and hoping the attachment wasn’t too big for the server to send.


  6. The videos can also be downloaded from this application, so if it looks good to go you can have the final file right then.  If various formats or sizes of the master video are needed, we upload them to this same space for final delivery.



There are many more features and keyboard shortcuts to this great product called Frame.io than we can get into here, so come start your next project with us at Silver Rock and let’s have some fun getting your vision out of your head and onto a screen for everyone to see.

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My Five Favorite Olympic Commercials

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By Jennifer Gibbens, Editor at Silver Rock Productions


If you happen to be alive right now… you know that the Summer Olympics are here! This has always been an event I really look forward to. Probably because I have been involved with gymnastics since age 7. Now another Olympic year is upon us and Team USA is dominating!


Now many of you know that the Olympics is kind of like the Superbowl because of all the great commercials we start seeing. Commercials for sports gear, commercials for our moms (one of my favorites), commercials about persevering through the hard times. These commercials put you through every emotion in the book, all the way from tears and chills to laughing until you pee your pants.


So without further ado here are my favorite Olympic commercials.

This video was made by P&G for Mother’s Day. It’s one that will make you cry.




This is one that will make you laugh… thank you Visa!



Great one to give you chills made by Samsung.




Pretty Isn’t Perfect by Gillette.





My absolute favorite though, is made by NBC and sung by Katy Perry. Here is Rise.



What are some of your favorite videos for the Olympics? Post it in a comment down below!!

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